We want to reach out to all of you to let you know what we are doing to help keep you safe during this pandemic.  We do take your safety and health seriously.  For this reason, we will be disinfecting our merchandising areas, paying special attention to high contact surfaces like our freezers, counters, restrooms, door handles and payment terminals.  We have suspended our requirement for signatures so you may insert your credit card and we are happy to do all the touching for you AT YOUR DIRECTION.  All employees will increase the frequency of washing their hands and anyone exhibiting any illness will not be permitted to work.     

At this time, we ask that only 5 customers be in the shop at one time. We do not have a lot of space to keep a 10 foot distance.  As you know, it is difficult to find hand sanitizer so we have wipes that have been soaked in an antibacterial wash.  This is a high concentration of what we use in our shop to clean.  So if you find the door handles a tad wet (It has to stay on and dry to be effective!) we apologize and have a wipe for you to use at the counters.   

-We provide Curbside service for you and encourage you to use it!  Just call the shop at 352-357-0200 and let us know you are in one of our 3 parking spaces behind our shop.  PLEASE do NOT park or block the alley way.  This is a public street and you may be ticketed.     

We also provide home pickup and delivery!   For a nominal fee of $10 Round Trip we will come pick up your pet for grooming.  Or drop off an order of food.  This does have to be pre-scheduled so be sure to request it when making your grooming appointment.     

This is a hard and frightening time for all of us.  We are trying to stay ahead and be sure to offer you the best service we can!  We welcome your responses!  (seriously)     

We thank you for staying by us.  We know that you have a lot of choices for pet food and for pet grooming.  We do not take it lightly that you have chosen to stay with us.  You have our word that we will continue to work hard and will do our best to earn your trust with the best service and products available with an outstanding shop-local neighborhood environment.     

Please let us know how we can support you during these fearful days.   

5 Things you can do to stay safe.  

1.) WASH YOUR HANDS for at least 30 seconds with soap and water or hand sanitizer that is more than 60% alcohol.  (more than 70% is not recommended as the alcohol will evaporate before it can be effective.)  

2.) Clean surfaces. such as counters or seats, I clean my purse because invariably I set it down on something not clean!  Think outside the box!

3.) Maintain 10 feet distance.  

4.) Stay away from anyone perceived to be 60 years old or more.  You may be a carrier and you do not want to risk infecting someone who is at risk.  It can take 10-12 days to show symptoms.  

5.) This is an easy one! Keep away from anyone who shows signs of coughing or sneezing.  

6.) Avoid crowded areas when you can.    

7.) Avoid touching your mouth, nose or eyes.   


It is everyone's responsibility to stay safe and to also do your part to keep others safe.  If you do not have to be out and about...stay home! Stay up to date on the virus and do NOT panic.  

Thank you, Melissa