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The charge depends on your pet. We evaluate dog size, coat condition, temperament and the groom style you are looking for.  Also, we will always give you an upfront price.  You will never be charged more at pickup than you were quoted.(with the exception of a flea bath...a $5-$10 charge will be added for any dogs that come in with fleas.)

That depends on your pet.  We cannot guarantee a set pick up time for your dog. (unless you want to upgrade to our Express Service!)  We provide several drop off times to lessen the time your dog is here.  If you choose a morning drop off, your pet should be ready between 12:00pm and 1:00pm.  If you choose the afternoon drop off, your pet will be done by closing.  We will always call as soon as your pet is done.

Absolutely not!  If your dog or cat needs sedation in order to be groomed, we ask that you take him/her to the vet prior to your arrival at our shop.  Please advise us that your pet will be sedated for grooming. We prefer a non-sedate dog/cat for grooming but understand that circumstances necessitate sedation. 

No. We prefer that you do not stay in the salon while they are being groomed.  Your dog needs to concentrate on us while on the table and may become excited or anxious when you are here.  They will feel more comfortable and relaxed with us if you are not present.

No!  If your dog hears or smells you arrive while they are on the table, it could result in an accident happening.  They become agitated and excited and start moving around on the table. An excited dog is more likely to be injured! (although we do everything possible to prevent any injury)  At this point the groom is most likely finished as we may not be able to calm your pet down enough to continue.   

For his/her safety.  Your dog may be the absolute best behaved dog in the world.  However, I cannot guarantee that the other dogs will be. Also, it will not be exposed to parasites (fleas, ticks etc).  Each pet is put in a kennel with a soft blanket.  Many of them curl up and nap when not being groomed.

We pride ourselves on keeping a fresh, clean and disinfected salon.  Not only is it safer, it is a more pleasant environment for the groomers and the pets!  We clean our tables with an animal safe disinfectant between grooms, we also will ALWAYS put your dog in a kennel that has been cleaned.  We clean our shop from head to toe at the end of each day. 

That is a genuine concern!  Any dog that comes in our shop that we KNOW has fleas, will be immediately put in the tub and given a flea bath. Our flea shampoo is non-chemical, and very effective. We also have a separate area for pets with fleas.  Once a month (or more often if we have had an invasion!) we have a professional service come in and spray for fleas and ticks. (there is an additional $5 fee for any dog that requires a flea bath.  $10 for large dogs or dogs that require 2 flea bath soaks)

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