Curbside Service Available NOW & Reaffirment of Our Safety Procedures





(We will, of course, groom your cat any day! However, we offer special, quiet, low stress dog free days just for our purring friends!) 

 Cats need grooming too! People tell me, "Cats don't need baths. They clean themselves." Can you imagine waking up each morning and licking yourself clean to get ready for work? Yuck! 

 People who are allergic to cats are actually reacting to a protein in the cat's saliva. When a cat cleans itself, it is distributing these proteins on the cats coat. This then dries into 'dander'. Dander is what flies around your house and gets on your furniture and causes allergic reactions. 

 What we offer: 

 BATH & BRUSH OUT w/Sanitary Trim - We will bathe and fluff dry your cat. If wanted, we will trim under the tail and in the sanitary areas. $60+ and up depending on behavior and size. 

 PATTERN TRIM - All of the above plus shaving your cat into a pattern. $70+ and up depending on behavior and size. 


 We offer days reserved just for cats! It is a lot less stressful on the cat. You might believe that because you have dogs at home that your cat tolerates them well. The stress of being shoved into a crate and driven to a groomer on top of loud, obnoxious strange dogs is a bit too much for most cats. Our cats days are reserved especially for them! Our cat days are usually on the first and third Monday of each month. Call us for details and availability. Sometimes the dates do vary, so please call first! 

 Bath & Brush out, includes Ears & Nails, plus a sani trim if wanted. - $60+ *add a full belly smoothy for $5 additional 

 Full Body trim, includes the above - $70+ 

 Behavior issues, long, thick or matted coats will incur extra charges. 

 Walk in cat nail trims are $8


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