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Here are Several Options for Your Pet


 This pattern clips the body short but keeps poms on the lower legs. Body length is at owner's discretion.


 This pattern clips the body and leaves the legs full. They are hand scissored to a desired length. Body length is at owner's discretion. This is a popular pattern.

 Kennel or Puppy Trim

The Kennel and Puppy trim means that the length is the same all over the body, including legs. Kennel Trims are usually very short while the puppy trim can be a bit longer and fluffier. This includes the clean face, clean feet, hand scissored top knot, pom-pom tail.

Cocker Spaniel  

West Highland Terrier

Hand strip ** This is same pattern for the Cairn Terrier, except the look is a bit 'scruffier'.  

Scottish Terrier

Lion Trim 

This is my Chow Chow. This pattern can be done on any breed with a full crest. Most Lion trims include shaving 2/3 of the tail but I prefer my girl with full fluff! Owner preference.

 Lion on a Pomeranian

Notice the mane extends farther to the last rib cage on this Lion Trim. Owner preference! 

 Lowchen Clip on a Lhasa Apso 

'Nuff said! Can be done on dogs with a long, flowing coat.


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