The rumors are true!  We are back to work again!  However, we are low on staff due to the restrictions and some completely understandable personal issues.  So PLEASE, be patient with us.  Right now our priority is to get back on track in the safest way we can.  

Understand, that no matter how much we want to groom your dog, we WILL NOT compromise on the safety of you, your pet, or our employees!     

So, right now, we are doing our best to get you all in as soon as possible.  Before the shutdown we were 100% booked 3 weeks out.  50-75% booked for dates beyond those.    

At this time, we are giving priority to those who were pre-booked with us.  They remain on a current schedule year round and it is important to try to maintain that schedule.   So we are doing our darndest to try to accommodate that!  For those of you who do not maintain a regular schedule WE HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN YOU!  We don't consider you less important, AT ALL.  We are trying to work with everyone to get you scheduled.   We will NOT compromise your pet's safety in order to squeeze another one in.  A tired groomer is a dangerous groomer! (not to mention CRANKY) In the between, we are happy to work with you on walk-in nail trims and face and tushy trims.  We can help in many ways, just ask!   

Currently our phone is non-stop ringing off the hook and it may ring busy.  Keep trying!  Or bypass the long line by going to our web-site and send a text message. (that tiny little blue button on the lower right hand side!)  We are trying to answer those quickly as well!     


Be safe!   

Melissa & Natalie