Non Sedation Dental Day - SATURDAY!!!

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  • September 28, 2019
  • 09:00 AM - 04:00 PM


Non Sedation Dental Day with Julie Shinew!

Proper Dental Care will help keep your dog healthy.  Dental issues generally start from leftover food that lead to bacteria fostering along the gum line.  Gingivitis is untreated plaque on the teeth.   Once the plaque travels below the gum line this leads to Periodontal Disease.  Which leads to bone loss and gum loss.  Left unchecked this can lead to pockets of bacteria below the gum line which can travel to the bloodstream causing severe health issues and even death. 


One day each month our shop hosts, Julie Shinew, a dog and cat dentist. She has been cleaning and scaling pet teeth for over 30 years. She started as a vet-technician. There is no sedation involved. Julie uses massage and relaxation techniques to calm your pet before cleaning. Julie will also provide you with a toothbrush and daily techniques to keep your dog's and cat's teeth clean.

If you have a dog or cat that is not a candidate for anesthesia, then this is for you. I have my 18 year old schnauzer done every 6 months and he is doing well!

When: Thursday, August 22nd from 9a to 5p
Where: Paws & Effect LLC 18N Eustis Street, Eustis
How much?: $150 cash or check only (made payable to Julie Shinew)
How? Appointments are required. Appointment times are every 30 minutes from 9a to 4p
Call: 352-357-0200